Friday, October 5
Patiently Live My Life @ Friday, October 05, 2012

Hi guys. Finally have some times to blog something about me after being away for a long time.

So far so good and facing a hectic day everyday. Working for 11 hour per day and facing a noisy boss every hour is damn hell for me. When I think back I realize that how I wish to turn back time. I wish I am a student again. I miss my student life. There's no worries about working hour, salary, expenses, bills, client, boss and all that crap you can think about. But to be realistic and to be logic, I have to grow up. It's a must and I'm facing it right now. Being a man is not the same from being a boy especially in terms of managing every aspect of your life. Sometimes, I feel like I wanna quit and start to complaint about all things to my girlfriend but she will always say be patient and keep calm. I thank her for her support.

Until then. The island is calling me

Thursday, May 3
The Very Me @ Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hello all..hope you guys still visiting my page even I rarely post an entry here. Seriously, rarely. I think I don't have any excuses anymore to tell you guys why I'm neglecting this page of mine until now. I just wanna say that I will write if I feel wanna write/type. It's been two weeks after my last day at Royal Customs Sabah and I feel a little boring here at Kota Belud. Since I don't have anything to do, I just stay at home and sometimes be a driver for my dad. What a boring life I have.

Talking about friends, miss to hang out with my friends there at Selangor. Had seen their pictures (FB) and they're having fun without me (Shit...). I miss those crazy fun moment with all of them.

Talking about relationship, Still deeply, seriously, emotionally, physically, spiritually in love with her. Owhya, wanna tell you guys something. I did watch a movie called "Love & Other Drugs" last night and that movie just reminds me to think that a person must accept their fate and truly believe in each other (relationship) even there's so many complicated things come to you to fail you.  It inspire me and when I listen to Chris Medina's "What Are Words" after that, That feeling of hold on until the very end affect me very much. Gosh..Thanks to that very person whom I love so much for being in my life even I have so many flaws.

Future? Who knows. Let's keep that to God.
                                                                                                        Until then,

Friday, January 13
The Last Game @ Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally in a few days I will leave Selangor for good. My friends planed a special futsal game tonight for me. I thanked them for that. It's like my testimonial game after 3 years with my futsal team, the LG3 FC. The game was great and I did score hatrick. Maybe this is the last time I meet some of them. Since this is my second last week for me here, I only has 1 last paper to face. To think back, there's so many things I learned about life after 3 years and it made me more mature (I think). Many good and bad stuff happened, up and down also happened both in my study and personal life. Lost and found, being in love, happy and sad, laugh...I promise to all my friends here that I'll never ever forget them and we all promise to each other that we will find time to do a reunion someday in the future. It's sad that I will leave my study life and go on with the new phase of my life. To be honest, I still wanna study but to do that, I have to sacrifice many things and I don't wanna do that. OKAY. Will be facing reality after this and hope I will face it with more courage and will in me. Amen for that. Wanna sleep. ciaow~

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Monday, January 2
Since Last Year & For This Year @ Monday, January 02, 2012

Student Life
It's 2012 and I'm still alive here with all this final semester things going around. Have to take my final exam starting this week until the next two weeks and after that I have to do my practicum at Sabah for 3 months period. Means that I didn't go back there since last year (I feel terrible about it but now I'm okay)

Personal Life
Being a son and the only son that taking degree course in the family make me stress and down. For real, I'm tired of all this with all the siblings in the family especially my parents ask me to do that and this..must that and this..I'm a human and being a human I do have feelings. Sometimes, it made me so down and sad. Why me? Why not my brothers? Well, when I think back again, thinking more sane and wisely, in the end it's not for them but for myself. College is like a running track and life is a race and to achieve my own personal golden triumph, I must do and let out the best in me. Again, it's for me and not for someone else. I thank my family for letting me study and learn about life in my own will and not demanding something else that I don't like with my life. Personally, the most important matter in everything we do is God. Without God's love, we will never be who we are now and I thank God for His bless, love, patient and kindness to me. Ya... I feel blessed (Amen).

She Is The Only Exception & Honesty Is The Best Policy
I wanna say thanks to Jessica for being such a wonderful person from the beginning of our relationship. I appreciate all the things that she did and gave to me. Honestly, she is not a beauty pageant, not a princess and all but I still love her very much. I'm no prince charming and she still put me in her heart. I thank God for bring her into my life. I don't know what will happen to both of us in the future so both of us decided to live our life and giving our best for the present and I think that is more important rather than worrying for something that everyone don't know accept God. May God bless our relationship. *finger crossed

New Year, May God Have Mercy On Us
I think it's funny to see all people around me celebrating new year's eve with drinking, drunk and so on...let us relax and think again..how if God just extend the judgement day for the one last time and give all the people in this world a one last chance to do good deeds and be loyal to Him? Think, and that's all for now. Until then.

"Humble but still the best seed"

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